Join the Network and Become a Host Partner

Become a Host Partner and participate in a our LOCAL Screen Sharing Network with other non-competitive locations in your area. We all share the same customers so why not work together. Some customers in other locations may be unique and not part of your customer base which is increasing your reach outside of your normal area of business. You get a chance to constantly inform your own customers at your own location as well as outside your location.

Here’s what you get when you Join the Network



30 second Full Screen Ad

Your Ad will play 4x during each 15 minute loop inside your location.

6 Verticals (10 second duration for each vertical)

Verticals are images that play on the right side of the screen and are mostly reserved for the Host Partner. We say mostly because we do promote ourselves as well as other possible charity events from time to time. Verticals come in two forms: Text and Picture based. When your Full Screen Inside Ad is not playing, the Verticals are there to keep your promos front and center with your customers. Many Host Partners use them to promote lower selling items or services that their customers aren’t aware of, such as Notary Services.



15 second Main Show Ad

Your Main Show Ad will play 1x in each 15 minute loop in a minimum of 10 NON-COMPETING Host Partner Locations.

Want to join but still have questions?

Then give us a call that is what we are here for, no pressure. We get all kinds of questions so no question is a bad question. 
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